A powerful business is advanced by all means possible. Presently, the world is progressing rapidly in terms of technology, and any business or organization that does not cope with this rapidly improving tech world will stay far behind. Companies have hundreds of processes in a management system and each one requires updating over time. The problem with old businesses or businesses that still follow the old or traditional mindset is that they do not try, tend, and promote improvements in technology for which they lag. And in present times, lagging is like destroying your business, vision, and mission. One critical process in business management, especially in a logistic operations company, is an invoice that highlights critical details of an order summary. And there is quite a fuss about the conversion of a traditional invoicing system to e-invoicing.

What is an E-Invoice?

Invoices refer to a document that contains various information regarding a specific order. For example, if you place an order with certain quantities and need it to be delivered to some location, an invoice is generated alongside to guide you about the individual quantities of products being delivered, their prices, and other information. The entire product listing is then summed to provide total figures. Previously and in some parts of the world presently, the invoicing is being performed physically on paper. This leads to a wide range of inputs required from a person and that in turn leads to more chances of errors.An invoice is a highly critical form of document for all scale types of organizations. In essence, the importance of an invoice increases manifolds when you ask a logistics operations company such as Tachyon. Such companies receive, place, and fulfill orders in bulk quantities every hour and invoice generation never stops here. Thus, for them to work physically on an invoice requires more time than we can think. And such businesses cannot afford any chances of errors since it disrupts an entire channel. E-invoicing is thus a necessity and a trend that is rapidly growing.

An e-invoice refers to an invoice that is generated on a computer. You might confuse it with an invoice that is generated through some sort of typing but such an invoice is not an e-invoice. An e-invoice is solely created on a dedicated software or system. Many developers can and do create dedicated software for each company to ease the invoice generation process. This reduces human input and almost removes any chances of error.

E-Invoicing Benefits for Businesses in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a rapidly growing country in technological advancements. They though are shifting towards tourism but tech can be seen, respected, and followed everywhere in Saudi Arabia. Moving forward, ZATCA or Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority are promoting the use of e-invoices throughout the country to attain certain benefits that will go along smoothly for a long time. Let us discuss the benefits of e-invoicing in detail.

Quick Processing

e-invoicing is quick in providing results to the users. ZATCA itself provides an e-invoicing system that helps businesses swiftly generate invoices electronically. Since the process is based on automation and everything happens through dedicated software, there is no waiting time required. You log into your software, insert minimal necessary information, and your e-invoice is generated that you can then share with your customer and others alike.

Efficiency and Accuracy

An efficient business is the one that produces the least or no number of errors and mishaps. And this is only possible by minimizing human effort, input, and interference. When you move towards automating a management system, you can clear the benefits of improved results with a great level of accuracy and efficiency. E-invoicing provides swift generation through a predefined system that thus provides minute details of accuracy, efficiently.

Reduced Costs of Invoice Processing and Delivery

ZATCA offers its e-invoice services for registered businesses throughout Saudi Arabia. What this offers them is a software and platform where they can easily provide a minimal level of basic information. Next, the software is designed in a way to automatically generate the required common information that is necessary to be included in an invoice. When this happens, there is almost minimal human effort needed which shows minimal need for human interference and in return reduces the chances of errors.

Reduction of Manual Errors

A person can be well-trained and experienced for any type of job role they do. However, their presence can also be challenging when working under pressure or trying to meet a time deadline. In all such cases, there are chances of errors since human errors are always present around. In automation, since there is no need for human interference at a high rate, there are minimal chances of error.

An Interesting Comparison Between Physical and E-Invoicing

Anything that can be done both physically and electronically provides a clear and identifiable difference. Furthermore, such a comparison provides drastic differences that are visible enough for one to observe how far apart both things are. Invoicing is something that has been done physically for longer but now it is being shifted towards electronic generation. Hence, we think it is the ideal time to provide a constructive difference between the two methodologies of generating invoices.

Physical Invoice Generation

  • A physical invoice is prepared manually. A manual invoice may be the one that is either created on a paper physically or through any of the sheets on a computer.
  • Generating a manual invoice is a tedious task since it involves various products, their quantities, and prices to be listed physically through different calculations and then calculating a total sum. This also involves more time being spent on a simple sheet of paper that can be produced electronically.
  • When human interference is involved, a simple straightforward task becomes time-consuming. It is because when creating an invoice physically, many aspects are to be considered and accuracy is to be met after thorough calculations and crosschecking. Hence, time is required for such activities.
  • Something that is being done, performed, and created by a human involves some sort of error knocking on the door. Numeric calculations always bring chances of errors and when invoices go to a higher extent of depth, errors can be visible.
  • Once a task is completed, there is no need to recheck and crosscheck it. When doing or creating something such as an invoice manually, cross checking or rechecking is also to be done manually. Hence, there can be chances of errors getting recognized on manual checking or them getting missed again upon rechecking as well.

E-Invoice Generation

  • Unlike a physical invoice that is generated manually, an electronic invoice is something that is generated using a dedicated or compliant invoice billing software. These software are dedicatedly constituted and formulated for generating any type of invoice. All you need to do is enter the basic info and all the calculations are brought forward by the software.
  • When you adopt an electronic method of doing something then you are not limited to a single task. The beauty of electronic software is that it offers you additional benefits and perks alongside the basic work that you are performing through the software.
  • Computers are fast working machines and the software inside a computer makes any work be done swiftly. Dedicated software for generating invoices offers this leisure that they generate an e-invoice instantly. Hence, once you enter the necessary info, calculations are performed in no time and you save ample time to either work on a new invoice, forward the invoice, or work on anything else.
  • The software offers a high level of precision, accuracy, and versatility. However, what people expect from documents such as an invoice is that they are error-free. Though there are risks of errors everywhere, in comparison, an e-invoice is less prone to errors than an invoice physically generated.


Tachyon is a well-established logistics operations company completely digitalized. Its working principles involve providing ease to customers and users alike through a seamless operation network involving digital components. One of the components it utilizes is e-invoice generation through collaboration with ZATCA. Since Saudi Arabia is moving rapidly to digital advancements, it is providing various solutions and help to businesses that are either working on some sort of digitalization or are planning to do so. With everything happening to provide benefits to businesses, it is now the responsibility of businesses to adapt to government organizations such as ZATCA that offer splendid software solutions for management operations.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is an e-invoice?

An e-invoice is an invoice that is generated through the use of dedicated electronic software. Dedicated electronic software has the necessary components to help users generate invoices by providing minimal information. The beauty of these software is that they are error-free, time-saving, and helpful in different sorts of ways.

What is the basic benefit of generating an electronic invoice?

The best feature of generating an electronic invoice is that it is free from errors. Invoices are such critical documents, especially in a logistic operation company that minimal errors can lead to big problems that will then require in-depth rectification.

What is one critical drawback of a physically generated invoice?

A physically generated invoice consumes time but one will accept a physically created invoice that took a considerable time to be error-free. However, a physically generated invoice is not error-free and would need reworking in the form of rechecking. This process consumes more time and reduces the credibility of the invoice.

Which organization offers dedicated billing software for invoicing in Saudi Arabia?

ZATCA or Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority provides dedicated invoice-generating software that helps companies to create and generate e-invoices in Saudi Arabia.

What are some of the benefits of an e-invoice?

E-invoice comes with certain benefits that include:

  • Guarantee of rights to all parties
  • Time and effort-saving
  • Simplified tax invoices
  • QR codes on all invoices