Digitizing a platform brings superb benefits and perks alongside for both the owner and user alike. It is since the world is moving rapidly towards technological advancements and there is a need to completely occupy the vacuum in no time. Many companies that were considered physically-workable operating organizations are thinking of the prospects of digitizing their operations gradually or completely. In contrast, companies like Tachyon that have developed as a digital platform have great benefits on the front.

How did Tachyon have a Great Beginning?

Companies that started a long time ago were working on the physical model of operations. For long, there was no positive thought of digitizing themselves or any of the operations. In most countries, even the basic technologies were not welcomed or introduced well until the 21st century. And companies operating there thus had limited vision of thinking of the digital world. When technological advancements began to make way in those countries, companies gradually began to shift to digital systems of management.

New companies that have come to the screen in recent times were learning from the older companies and the trends that were in constant change. Hence, Tachyon being one of the new companies had all the tools to learn from the management systems of older companies, what they were lacking, and what the people actually wanted from a company. And simply, the only thing a person wants in this day and age is to have access to almost any legal thing in the world through a smart device such as a smartphone or a laptop.Tachyon had all the knowledge how to digitize its system thoroughly so that they start off in the perfect way. To be honest, technology is the only source for a prosperous company and organization presently. Any company to even partially implement it will not move towards the majority of success. Whereas a limited scale company totally digital will ensure good outcomes even if it started a little while ago.

Tachyon’s Model of Operation

Tachyon is a digitally manageable logistics operations company that allows shippers, transporters, and brokers to be under a single digital roof. It is based on machine learning algorithms that use all the basic data you input and forwards your request to the best possible location, all while you relax. The working system is also simple, applicable, and operations since you can access all the features pertaining to your request from your device.

So here is how the platform works. At first, you will need to register yourself on the platform so that you can get all the access to order placement and get your job done. Registration is now a basic necessity in almost all business operation platforms. Consider yourself as a shipper that needs to book a shipment. After successfully registering yourself, you can place your shipment order. The machine learning algorithm of Tachyon then reads and studies your request and forwards it to the best transporter in no time. This happens swiftly and you do not have to wait for longer to get your request accepted and not to physically locate a transporter likewise. Then, your shipment is automatically assigned to a transporter and you receive regular updates and signals.

One of the best features of the entire machine learning algorithm that Tachyon uses is that the user that placed a request only has to initiate the query. Next, everything is performed and completed successfully by the platform. You being the requestor receive updates, service, real-time status, and all the necessary documentation online digitally.

Tachyon Platform Features

Tachyon offers splendid benefits for its users. It operates on the functionality of providing easiness to the users so everyone can enjoy while assigning and completing the orders faithfully. However, these bigger milestones are always achieved when smaller goals are set. Let us overview the Tachyon platform features.


A platform has to be convenient, simple, and easy to use and operate. Tachyon succeeds in gaining attention since it offers simplicity to its users through a simple and vibrant interface. The algorithm used by the platform offers assisted order placement that allows you to input a single entity only. Being cloud based, there is no installation required.

Security and Integration

When transportation of goods is involved, security is always a concern for all parties. Thanks to being cloud-based, Tachyon’s security integration services are spot-on. Users enjoy a highly secured cloud environment with a receiver code or OTP security confirmation code. All pick-up and drop-off locations are optimized with geo-fencing and the platform itself is integrated with Saudi public transport authority platforms such as Bayan and Wasl for enhanced security and protection.

Price Competitiveness

Prices have to be good to attract customers and good enough as well to ensure that transporters do not feel deprived. For this, Tachyon uses a transparent system that allows all parties to mutually agree on a simple price prior to commitment. This also happens by Quotation Management feature that is offered by the platform to better guide people regarding pricing of their shipment order. The platform itself promotes its price competitiveness being fair, transparent, and upfront.


Being a business where transportation has to be at the center of operations, sustainability is key in ensuring that transporters get good consumption of orders. For this, Tachyon uses its system to ensure proper utilization of trucks so a minimal number of vehicles get loaded on the roads thus playing a part in reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the environment.


Tachyon offers good traceability through connectivity with IoT devices. Integration with IoT devices ensures that the users receive real-time updates for easy tracking and tracing of their shipment. Also, drivers are provided with mobile applications available on both android and iOS whereas incident reporting features are also accessible.

Tachyon Platform Services

A good logistics operation company always ensures that its services are spot on. In an already congested market, an operational organization must have services that are less but effective to give users all the reasons to opt for the offered services. Here’s how Tachyon’s platform services stack up.

Tachyon TMS

TMS or Transport Management System is a great tool that brings all the necessary work tools under one roof. This system allows you to have access to loads of features so you manage and send commands sitting on a couch using the application itself. Some of the key features include managing your fleet of transporters and trucks, thus engaging with them and assigning tasks likewise.

With a dashboard, there is room for offering reports and using many engaging features. One of the best uses of TMS is live tracking and tracing of the shipment. Billing and documentation have been a tiring task in the past. But digital platforms like Tachyon ensure everything is digital and available on the management system dashboard. You can develop relations with transporters and ensure a smooth workflow alongside engaging with the driver mobile app if you are a transporter yourself.Digital Logistics Services

Tachyon is a completely digital logistics operation service provider. Digital services ensure one contract, invoice, and SLA so there is reduced documentation and paperwork that overcrowd a simple task. Also, the company utilizes the digital platform to have carrier pre-qualification and selections.

As for the pricing, the company ensures complete price agreements once made alongside insurance coverage for the affected parties. The beauty of a digital platform is that it can easily adjust to any improvement and update swiftly. And this further improves the user experience of the customers. When everything is digital, users find it easy to access any set of relative information in no time. One of the best features of a digital logistic operation is that you have real-time tracking of your shipment that always keeps you relaxed and updated.


Tachyon is a thing of the present and there is no doubt that it is one of the fastest growing digital logistic companies in the world. Though there are certain mountains to succeed and this is just the beginning, considering a company that has just started to roll out such remarkable and commendable services and features is amazing and noteworthy. In essence, when you glance back at the services and features on offer as of now, you come to know that the company has very little to improve and introduce in the near future. When you become a completely digital entity, then there is ample room to improve and update since you can roll any new accessible feature completely without real fuss. For the future, we can say that Tachyon will really be a force to compete with!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best thing about Tachyon and its country of origin?

Tachyon is based in Saudi Arabia. The best thing about the company and its country of origin is that Saudi Arabia is increasingly moving towards digitalization and companies like Tachyon will gain superb benefits presently and in the near future. With more advancements, such companies are only going to flourish more.

Is Tachyon completely digitized?

Tachyon is a digital platform that operates in Saudi Arabia. From registration to order placement and fulfillment of this alongside documentation, everything is controllable through the TMS or Transport Management System of Tachyon.

What are some of the features of Tachyon?

Tachyon offers features that truly speak of the company’s vision, goals, policies, and ideas for the future. Though explained above, here are the names of the features that the company offers.

  • Convenience
  • Security and Integration
  • Traceability
  • Price Competitiveness
  • Sustainability

What are Tachyons services on offer?

Services offered by Tachyon are nothing but a true reflection of what the entire organization is about and the pillars the company stands on. These services are not gigantic or vast but simple, highlighting the true nature of the company, and how they make the life of a user easier. Here are the two services on offer:

  • Digital logistics services
  • Tachyon’s TMS service

Where do you see Tachyon in the near future?

There is no shortage of resources at Tachyon’s disposal which is something evident from the company’s structure. In future, at the current pace and commitment alongside dedication, there is ample room for Tachyon to succeed beyond boundaries.