Zatca E-Invoice (Tax Invoice)

What is E-Invoice?

An invoice that is generated in a structured electronic format through electronic means. A paper invoice that is converted into an electronic format through copying, scanning, or any other method is not considered an electronic invoice.

What is QR-Code?

A type of matric barcode, with a pattern of black and white squares that is machine readable by a QR code scanner or the camera of smart devices through the VAT app in order to enable basic validation of electronic invoices and electronic notes.

How E-Invoicing works?

Example of Tachyon’s electronic invoice:

QR Code Components

The importance of E-Invoicing

We at Tachyon are keen to follow all government regulations and procedures, so we implement the electronic invoicing system that provides many advantages to all parties in the logistics sector such as:

  • Guarantee of all rights to both parties.
  • Save time and effort.
  • Provides simplified tax invoices.
  • Availability of a QR Code on all our invoices.
  • Tachyon Invoice type, the invoice that is often issued from one facility to another facility, containing all the elements of a tax invoice.