Tachyon is designed to provide a seamless user experience and enable its users to monitor their shipments’ entire lifecycles from a single platform. Using Tachyon is easier than a breeze; here’s how it works:

Once registered, the shipper can book a trip directly through the platform. Our machine learning algorithms assess the freight specs and assign the order to the most appropriate transporter. The shipment is then assigned automatically to a specific truck, all while the shipper receives regular, real-time status updates. Once the shipment has been loaded onto the truck, all necessary documentation is generated electronically. Complete transparency over the shipment lifecycle means shippers also receive proof of delivery, invoices, and payment in real-time. Once the order is completed, all the stakeholders (Shipper, Carrier & Driver) can rate their experience, keeping the platform safe and secure.

Tachyon Platform FEATURES


  • One stop shop: one SLA and one invoice regardless of how many transporters are involved​
  • Cloud-based platform (No installation required)​
  • Assisted order placement (import/export, templating)​
  • seamless UI/UX and Multi-lingual 
Security & Integration

  • Highly secured cloud environment ​
  • Receiver code (OTP)​
  • Geo-fencing for pickup and drop-off locations ​
  • Highly integratable with external platforms & systems    (API, Webhook, WebSocket, Swagger)​
  • Integrated with Saudi public transport authority platforms (Bayan & Wasl)

  • Integration with IoT devices ​
  • Live track & trace​
  • Mobile app for drivers (iOS & Android)​
  • Incident reports
Price competitiveness

  • Fair, transparent & upfront pricing​
  • Quotations management

Tachyon platform improves the trucks utilization therefore less trucks on the road which means reduced fuel consumption and less CO2 emissions.

Tachyon Platform SERVICES

Digital Logistics Services

  • All powered by technology
  • Tachyon takes over carrier pre-qualification &  selections​
  • One contract, one invoice, one SLA​
  • Fixed price agreements​
  • Insurance Coverage 
Tachyon TMS

  • Manage your fleet & dispatch operations​
  • Dashboards & Reports ​
  • Interactive map – Live track & trace​
  • Digital documentations (waybills & PODs, etc.)​
  • Manage the relation with transporters​
  • Board your clients​
  • Driver mobile app​
  •  Billing & Invoicing Module 

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