Frequently Asked Questions

Tachyon is an on-demand logistics platform that can be used by shippers and carriers, as well as drivers, truckers and any professional in the logistics & transport industry.

The technology powering Tachyon ensures not only greater transparency over the shipment lifecycle, but also optimizes your logistics processes. This means fewer underutilized fleets and fewer fleets, of course, mean less CO2 emissions!

Once a job is posted, carriers can submit their offers. Carriers have a number of available options to submit their offers: ad-hoc prices per trip, calculated automatically by our ML algorithms and based on the distance of the trip; fixed monthly prices or fixed prices-per-trip.

Anything and everything: individual pallets or barrels, boxes, handling units and more. The only requirement is that your shipment must be packaged according to the requirements for load securing and conveying capacity. In case your shipment has any loose parts or unsecured goods, it may be rejected by the carrier or driver. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for a list of dangerous and prohibited goods.

At Tachyon, we place emphasis on the safety and security of our customers and this includes their personal information. We have a number of security measures in place to protect your personal data and sensitive information from being misused or lost. If you want to learn more about our security measures, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service.

No, using the platform for carriers is free of charge, Tachyon takes a slight margin from shippers.

No, the trucks must be owned by carrier himself, however this can be available in the broker module once published.

Yes, it is mandatory. Tachyon can provide complimentary insurance for specific cases.

Yes, but they can check the status of the trip from the website if they have the waybill number.

There are four languages available in the driver mobile app: Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu.