A logistics operational company has to deal with many operations within its management circle. From receiving orders to processing them and keeping the records, everything requires perfection and dedication. A slip in any of the departments leads to a flawed operation. While there happen to be loads of logistics operation companies across the globe, selecting any type of logistics-related service requires in-depth searching as to what a certain platform is offering. Tachyon is a well-established name in the logistics world in Saudi Arabia but other competitors do exist elsewhere that may offer a choice to customers alike. Hence, it is this read that will enlighten what benefits can you have with Tachyon and not with others.

What is the Basic Responsibility of a Logistics Operation Company?

Logistics deals with transferring goods through transporters. These goods are initially handed over to a logistics platform that assigns the goods to suitable transporters that then deliver them to desired locations. All logistic operations involve delivering customer’s goods through dedicated channels. But delivering or transporting goods is not as simple as it looks. A good logistic operation company deals with perfect order receiving and analyzing it. Then it utilizes its list of transporters to identify which transporter will ideally and safely deliver the goods. Upon analyzing and finalizing, the perfect transporter is provided with the order and it is then delivered as per requirements. Where companies differ from each other is the mode with which their operations work. For example, a logistics company may work physically for all its operations or it can use digital means to do the same tasks swiftly, effectively, and without any errors.

Tachyon’s Benefits Against Competitors

For any suitable task in the world, you can find loads of options that will need scrutinizing. To undergo the scrutiny process, it is ideal to enlist positive and negative traits. In some cases, you need to convince someone of a better option that you think is right but others need to be counseled upon it. Tachyon and loads of other logistics companies are operating in Saudi Arabia. But to convince one for Tachyon seems a tedious task for which you need to buckle up. Let us take you on an informative journey about what having Tachyon will offer you in comparison to other logistics companies.

Logistics in a Digital Way

Up till now, you will find many logistics companies operating on traditional physical methods of operating modes that include physical quotation management, order placement, tracking, and documentation management such as invoicing. When logistics happen to be of physical content, then more effort is to be added from both parties.

In contrast, when there are digital operations included throughout the system, there are benefits for all. Digitalization brings effective benefits. For example, a company uses a digital system in operations to convert physical activities into a digital one. Tachyon has been a primary exponent of digitizing the logistics market.

Secure Platform

When you plan to get the most out of an online or digital platform, you have to get yourself registered in that platform to access features. However, registering yourself requires you to input your info as well which brings security into the question. A digital platform and a secure one is like icing on the cake for a customer looking for logistics operations. OTP receiving code is a common practice nowadays in all management systems so we’ll not exaggerate this part.

However, with a cloud-based management system, Tachyon uses geo-fencing to provide uninterrupted updates and tracking options to customers regarding their parcels and goods being delivered. Also, tracking and having updates is another thing. Another key aspect is to have security of your delivery on the road. For this, Tachyon partners with Saudi public transport authority platforms such as Bayan that offer extended integrated security and tracking. All these options provide a strong peace element for a customer’s satisfaction.

Traceability at your Device

Once you integrate with a logistics operational service, you tend to keep track of your goods at each minute or whenever you want to. Companies that are not digitized offer more troubles and problems to customers hence we will skip them even as a competitor. Within digital platforms of logistic operations, Tachyon is a reliable partner in many ways. At first, its security system is highly strong and does not penetrate easily. Hence, you get a sense of security when accessing the platform.

Next, the platform itself is user-friendly in a way that favors you looking out for your delivery and transportation. For example, with live track and trace, both customers and transporters have an edge to get updates on the go. Also, live incident reporting is another good initiative by Tachyon to keep all updated about any incident that may occur, ensuring the safety of both lives and goods. All of this is manageable, accessible, and viewable from mobile applications available for both Android and iOS.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

A customer does not like to physically wander in the streets and on roads looking to get their work done. They will love to shop and wander about on their laptops and smartphones for various activities and requirements. When looking to transport goods, a person has pre-knowledge that they have to physically analyze, look, and keep updated about the work. But if a company offers all of its luxuries at your fingertips, this seems to be the first great step in working. Tachyon offers easy operation activities monitoring through its cloud-based platform that offers assisted order placement functionality.

With assisted ordering, you get additional and beneficial help from the system in a way that you will need to enter minimal info and the software takes care of the remaining work. In essence, with assisted ordering, the platform of Tachyon itself offers help in allocating your order to the most suitable transporter. E-invoicing is another convenient offer from Tachyon for its users, offering electronically generated invoices that are free from errors and complications, thus easing data and record keeping.

Competitive Prices to Ease Your Budgets

People like to keep their budget within limits for which they look for the cheapest options available. However, given how any market works, low prices mean limited services, less exposure, and fewer upgrades. When you combine these all for a single package, a customer gets nothing more than hand-to-mouth service. In comparison, when pricing is upfront and manageable, everyone feels welcomed and loves to get more work done with a client.

Tachyon has been at the center of cementing customer relations through significant pricing ease. They promote upfront pricing to keep all eyes open during order management and finance management. Also, companies like Tachyon that are fully digitalized focus on bringing customer satisfaction to another level. For this, they offer additional features to assist customers’ ordering feasibility. Tachyon, for example, offers quotation management that helps customers in deciding what should be the ideal quotation for the order they placed and how their offers stack up being a transporter. Hence, all parties get basic help from a single platform.

Keep the Environment Sustainable

Various companies now add this as a preamble in their policy, vision, and mission that a customer is not treated by the laws. And there is always a law of mother nature and that is environment friendliness. When you consider logistic operations, you should know that these involve transportation, especially road transport. And more operations would mean orders and thus more transports on the roads. But to manage this outflow, there is a need for perfect transport outflow management.

Tachyon is a superb company that specializes in keeping transport outflow and management as a primary part of their services. The platform is dedicatedly designed to manage truck utilization through significant improvement so that all trucks get equal road usage opportunities and no truck is utilized without good advantage and purpose. This means all trucks are utilized for goods transportation services by ensuring minimal CO2 emissions into the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Tachyon help the environment?

Tachyon uses truck operation management to control the amount of trucks running on the roads for transportation purposes. This helps all trucks to get equal and limited opportunities, thus preventing overcrowding of trucks on roads.

Is Tachyon beneficial in documentation record keeping?

Tachyon is completely digitalized and offers users benefits in documentation generation and management such as record keeping since everything is digitalized and readily available at any time to access.

How does Tachyon offer price management?

Tachyon likes to help its customers in price management in a way that provides ease through quotation management features. This helps users in deciding what should be the best offer for any type of quotation.

Can we track our goods through an application?

Yes, you can track the goods that are being transported by using the Tachyon application. The dedicated app allows you live tracking and tracing of your goods and transport as they move towards their destination.

Does Tachyon operate outside Saudi Arabia?

Presently, Tachyon operates within Saudi Arabia since it is a newly established company. However, given their performances, they might soon shift towards other countries.