Goods manufacturers have to keep many things in check when it comes to goods transportation. At first, it is about keeping the exact quantity of goods in order and ensuring that the right product in its right quantity is going to the right customer. However, once this step is over, there comes the next important step in deciding the right vehicle option to transport goods. Heavy goods transportation requires heavy trucks for the safe transportation of goods. This is made possible in two ways. Firstly, you must enlist and shortlist the best vehicles that you can utilize for your goods’ transportation and secondly, you must know how to pick the right vehicle.

Selection of the right vehicle is based on your expertise. A goods transporter has to have a keen eye to look out for the best options and to ensure that they pick the right vehicle for their goods. Heavy goods can be delicate, expensive, and massive in size. To keep them safely loaded and transported in a vehicle, the vehicle itself has to be self-sustainable to hold the goods. Often, heavy trailer trucks are preferred in countries like Saudi Arabia where goods transportation is happening now and then in a single day. With vast options available, it is also imperative to select the right option. So let us begin with the checkpoints to ensure you start well in your hunt for the best trailer tuck for the transportation of your goods.

Selecting the Right Trailer Truck

A trailer truck is a vehicle type that has a trailer body connected to a driving body used to transport goods. Trailer trucks have vast importance and usage when it comes to freight operations. Logistic companies have to deal in goods’ transportation now and then in a single day and through different variations. Hence, it is imperative to have good transport to carry goods. Selection of the right transport vehicle, or precisely a trailer truck, has to be selected based on many factors. And below we highlight them for your better understanding.


What can be a better way to select a trailer truck than figuring out whether it is capable enough to carry your dedicated quantity of goods or not? A good trailer truck has good capacity however their sizes do vary from brand to brand or company to company. Also, based on routes, there are many trucks with less capacity and others with large capacities. It is imperative to have sound knowledge of the capacity of goods you wish to transport. It is also necessary to ensure the quantity to make sure you do not pay more for a truck that has space once you load your goods into it!


Permits are essential for a safe, regularized, and law-abiding transportation of goods. When you get a trailer truck on rent for goods transportation, always look for permits issued to the vehicle operators. Generally, a trailer truck has to be 8’6” wide, 13’6” tall, and 48’ long at maximum and with a weight that does not exceed 80,000 pounds. It is also imperative to note that each state and country possesses certain guidelines and rules that must be abided by. For this, ensure you know of the permit standards and the trailer company that lies within those permits.

Overload and Outriggers

Overloads are not suitable for the safe transportation of goods and for this, you should consider overloads before booking a trailer truck from a truck rental service. Many truckers do not provide this detailed information regarding overloads but you as a goods transporter must inquire about overloads. In essence, outriggers are also to be considered. This is because certain trucks are designed for certain terrains which ensure the right fit for the right job principle.

Volvo has long been in the auto industry and market for certain clear-cut reasons that relate to what they have to offer to a customer. In their cars alongside trucks, Volvo has always focused on certain key things such as reliability, strength, and safety alongside luxury. And it is for this very reason that Volvo has emerged since its beginning as a reliable partner for driving on the roads. When it comes to their trucks, there is nothing different than what they have to offer. In comparison, if you signify their trucks, each of those has all the superb benefits that a driver and the transporter will feel happy about. Be it the safety of the truck or the user-friendliness of the interior system, everything points to a good transportation journey.

Volvo logo
Volvo FH Series

Volvo FH Series

The Volvo FH Series is predominantly described as the best trailer truck series when it comes to transporting heavy loads. And the benefits one receives are also noteworthy. For example, this truck offers a good degree of versatility regarding the heavy loads you need to transport. But this also does so keeping the safety of the driver and the overall vehicle in the check. The FH series is also considered one of the best trucking vehicles due to its durability and strength. As for the drivers, it offers a superb relaxing interior and driver-oriented features to keep them active while on the roads.

From making luxury cars, Mercedes-Benz has gone to the market as one of the best automobile manufacturers in the world if not the best. Adopting luxury and utilizing cutting-edge technologies in their vehicles, Mercedes-Benz is a well-known brand when it comes to transporting vehicles of all sorts. Even when you consider trucks, this company is not far away from signifying its credibility in this department. Mercedes-Benz trucks have great features and offerings when you look for them to transport your goods. Capable of moving over heavy terrains, they take product safety to another level with all the luxurious trucks they have on offer.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks
Mercedes-Benz Actros

Mercedes-Benz Actros

The Mercedes-Benz Actros is a dedicated vehicle in the heavy goods transportation industry. You may say that this truck type is ideally suited for heavy loads and goods transportation for all the very reasons. The Actros is a truck that is specifically designed to transport goods through challenging terrains and over long distances. But when a challenging terrain is linked with a long distance, fuel consumption is a question that may arise. Thus, the Mercedes-Benz Actros truck solves this through its superb low fuel consumption capacity which adds to the transporter’s benefits. 

The MAN Truck and Bus is a transport vehicle company that specializes in trucks and buses only. Hence, you may get the impression that they mean business when it comes to trucks, transportation, and heavy goods. Goods’ transportation varies in weight from heavy to extra heavyweight. This means that your truck needs to be capable of holding the varying loads you may need to transport or transfer. MAN trucks have this great capability to ensure your goods are fully and easily loaded into them. An additional super feature of all MAN trucks is their low maintenance cost which favors more transporters to have them at their disposal.

MAN logo


The MAN TGX truck is a type of truck in its TGS series that offers superb features when it comes to goods transportation. While many other brands focus on maneuverability, interior, and luxury, MAN trucks are made to provide resounding benefits. You can use the TGX truck for long-haul goods transportation over any challenging terrain. With low fuel consumption, you get valuable added benefits. Also, with low maintenance costs, all parties remain happy while selecting MAN TGX trucks.

For many vehicle brands, extra luxury and other side characteristics do not matter a lot. What matters to them is the right use of the vehicle through the right features and options available. Scania Trucks is a formidable player when it comes to transportation trucks and you will not find them in the news since they focus only on primary items that must be present in a truck to transport goods. In the world of heavy logistics, goods must be carried over through different terrains, distances, and environments. Hence, a truck has to be efficient enough to sustain it all. But all of this is possible if your truck has the right robust engine, such as in Scania Trucks.

Scania Trucks
Scania R-Series

Scania R-Series

The Scania R-Series is a series of robust vehicles dedicated for transporting heavy goods over long distances and challenging terrains. This is a truck type that works on the motto of getting down to business early on. The R-Series by Scania Trucks is all about robust and heavy-duty engines to move goods through different terrains over any length of distance. All of this is maintained by good fuel saving, controlled emissions, driver comfort, and exceptional performance in combination with the engine.

Not everything can be treated with options on offer, robustness, and superb performance. Often, you have to rely on the right man for the right job motto that ensures you can get your job done without going for any higher option. DAF Trucks have been in the market for a long time but not in comparison to the Mercedes-Benz and Volvo for instance. Their stance is clear when it comes to vehicles. Good performance and safe transportation of goods through long distances is what they specialize in. Thus, it seems like a straightforward business for them.

DAF logo
DAF XF Series

DAF XF Series

Reliability is a key prospect when it comes to heavy goods transportation. A truck, such as the DAF XF, must be capable of handling heavy goods with ease and reliability to ensure transporters have peace of mind. In combination with low fuel consumption, this truck adds to its chances of being secured as the first-choice truck for many transportation purposes. As for the drivers, these trucks come with modern technologies equipped with superb features to ensure driver’s comfort.


In Saudi Arabia, a transporter may face many challenges in transporting goods such as challenging terrains, weather, climate, distance, and fuel consumption. Hence, their selection of the right truck has to be appropriate to show fruitful results. Above, we highlighted some of the best five choices when it comes to truck companies and their preferred trucks for heavy goods transportation. As a rule, always consider the truck that covers your maximum requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key benefits of Volvo Trucks?

Volvo Trucks ideally focus on driver’s safety and comfort alongside vehicle durability and strength.

What makes Mercedes-Benz Trucks a favorable option?

Mercedes-Benz Trucks come with cutting-edge technology and a touch of luxury. These trucks have great ability to carry heavy loads over challenging terrains.

How does MAN TGX differ from Mercedes-Benz Actros?

The MAN TGX and Mercedes-Benz Actros provide the same benefits of good maneuverability over challenging terrains but MAN TGX offers good fuel saving.

Which truck comes with a robust and durable engine?

The Scania R-Series trucks are known for robust and durable engines.  

Which DAF Trucks series is known as best for transporting heavy goods?

The DAF XF Series is considered for transporting heavy goods.