Tachyon is providing multiple services to logistics stakeholders in Saudi Arabia through its digital platform. Its modern features and digital services help users optimize logistics operations. Tachyon platform features are very easy to use, providing convenience in logistics functions. It is a cloud-based platform with better traceability features. Tachyon TMS helps with fleet management with its digital features and technology-based tools. We will explain the different features of TMS digital services here and their benefits, which include improving sustainable development through monitoring systems and promoting digital logistics infrastructure in Saudi Arabia.

About the Tachyon Platform

Tachyon is the best digital logistics platform in Saudi Arabia, and it has modern features and standards. It is powered by technology and software. It facilitates the carrier pre-qualification and selection processes. You can make a single contract with a single e-invoice and SLA. Our fixed-price agreements have included insurance coverage. It is a cloud-based platform with better traceability and tracking features. The easy interface is compatible with all import-export matters to align transporters. It provides a high potential for security and integration. It is connected with Saudi public transport authority platforms like Bayan and Wasl. Its traceability and live tracking system are integrated with loT devices and mobile apps. The quotation management system and pricing are very transparent. The main purpose behind these features is to offer convinience to users and to promote sustainability in the logistics industry.

TMS (Transport Management System)

An operational oversight platform is called the transportation management system or software. A transportation management system (TMS) platform helps companies efficiently plan, coordinate, and monitor the actual flow of commodities throughout their supply chain. It enables businesses to arrange and coordinate their transportation and logistical operations. A TMS platform is usually a broader supply chain control system component. Production management requires a lot of transportation work, so having all the production systems on one platform will require a complete system. The transportation management system keeps all of these items together in one location. It is employed to trace and oversee the whole supply chain process. Algorithms for managing transportation can be used for many different purposes. Companies can make use of it for: 

  • Gain insight into their daily transport duties.
  • Arrange and streamline the shipment schedules. 
  • Calculate and schedule their transportation requirements. 
  • Organize several carriers in one location. 
  • Distribute records and details about accountability. 
  • Carry out packages and monitor them. 
  • Handle required payments and pay bills. 
  • Describe key performance indicators. 

How does TMS help you find the best solutions?

Our solution helps you in the first stage by supervising and controlling the transport trucks. Saving time and money is essential for entrepreneurs. Still, many operators use their vehicles for leisure or occasionally deliver orders. These delays could seriously harm your company’s credibility. As such, it is imperative to oversee the entire process. The subsequent step saves the driver time during the delivery trip. Our TMS provides an organized, up-to-date terminal schedule and transportation strategy. The next step is to create the digital invoices and receipts for the procedure. It makes it easier for the owners to keep an eye on and go over the documentation. 

About Tachyon TMS

Effective transportation management software is essential in the logistics business. Tachyon facilitates user activities. Its user interface is intended to be simple to use. In traditional logistics, managing every aspect of the supply chain becomes challenging. On the other hand, operations are made easier by Tachyon transportation management. Things are different in the Tachyon transportation management system. The Tachyon transportation management software has a highly advanced algorithm. This program makes transportation procedures incredibly easy and seamless. This software allows an organization to manage its forecasting and planning. It can also manage and optimize carriers and routes to carry out shipment assignments. It automates the system’s loading, booking, and tendering processes. It also enables billing operations and payment management. 

Saudi Arabia is already making excellent use of the technology. Our transportation management software is streamlining the logistics process. Generally speaking, an efficient work management system is required for traditional logistics systems. However, our transportation management software gives us a space where organizing, identifying, and implementing logistics is easy. It is apparent how Saudi Arabia is gaining benefits from this technology. The transportation sector in Saudi Arabia is getting better every day. The transportation sector in Saudi Arabia is now more efficient and productive thanks to the implementation of a transportation management system. The country may make enormous gains in the transportation sector using TMS within the next ten years. Here, we will describe the main features of our transportation management system.

Fleet Management

It provides fleet management services with a variety of truck operators and truck models in different sizes. Fleet management is very important in the transportation of goods. You can hire our fleet management with its digital TMS services for better tracking and optimization of work. It definitely increases productivity. A reliable fleet organizer can only handle a fleet professionally. Tachyon is the reliable choice for providing the best fleet management with a guarantee of better performance. It also manages loading and dispatch operations. Thus, you can completely rely on our fleet management services.

Billing and Invoicing Module

This system also organizes a billing and invoicing module to facilitate communication between consumers and logistics parties. Our E-Invoice system is very transparent and accurate for all your invoicing matters. You can use a professional billing system and address it with customized options. Our transportation management system provides a safe and secure standard of billing and payments. You will find it a secure and trustworthy platform to develop your logistics business successfully. By optimizing the performance of your operations, you can increase your business’s revenue.

Dashboards and Reports

Once you register on our digital platform, you are provided with easy dashboard access to track and monitor the performance of your shipment. The loT devices provide reports and real-time information on your assignments. This is processed through data analytics and tracking sensors. Dashboard access allows you to optimize and control shipment movements and provide frequent solutions to handle problems and issues with better traceability features. 

Better Connectivity with Transporters

This software provides better connectivity with transporters and can optimize supply chain management systems accurately and efficiently. You can choose trucks from the provided list. You can monitor the route and performance of your truck or fleet. You can also board your clients with its support. It also provides a driver mobile app for enhanced connectivity and inspection.

Digital Documentation

TMS also helps with all the paperwork that is needed to accomplish a logistics task. Digital documentation is the best solution for reducing errors and confusion. You can manage PODs, waybills, and payments through digital documentation. This service saves you a lot of time and professionally regulates expenses and payment matters. It is more reliable and transparent.

Live Tracking

The TMS, or transportation management software, provides information and guidelines to trace and track records. You can get real-time data and a live location. Its live routing map keeps you updated with all the relevant information. You can easily live track and trace through this interactive map. Monitoring provides the best experience to reduce delays in deliveries.


To sum up, our TMS is the best solution for all your digital logistics needs and management. Our services are unique and easy to operate. Choose our digital platform for the latest technology-based features and advanced approaches in the logistics business. Choose the right one for high success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Tachyon’s primary digital features?

  • All powered by technology
  • Tachyon takes over carrier pre-qualification and selections. ​
  • One contract, one invoice, and one SLA ​
  • Fixed-price agreements ​
  • Insurance Coverage 

What are Tachyon’s TMS features?

  • Manage your fleet and dispatch operations. ​
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Interactive map: live track and trace ​
  • Digital documentation 
  • Manage the relationship with transporters. ​
  • Board your clients. ​
  • Driver mobile app ​
  • Billing and Invoicing Module 

How are Tachyon sustainable practices?

The Tachyon platform reduces the number of trucks on the road by increasing vehicle utilization, which lowers fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

How do you streamline performance with TMS?

TMS helps an organization manage its planning and forecasting. Additionally, it is capable of managing and optimizing routes and carriers to fulfill shipment assignments. It streamlines the system’s loading, booking, and tendering procedures. It also makes payment management and billing procedures possible.