Tachyon is the top digital logistics platform in Saudi Arabia. It has the best transportation management system to monitor fleet management with its digital features and services. This advanced software has modern features to improve the functionality and accuracy of fleet management. It enables users and shippers to optimize and control their fleet services. Modern solutions are necessary for current problems in logistics. The transport management system, or transport management software, creates a better supply chain technology integration framework. This article will look at the transportation management system or technology (TMS) that drives fleet management.

What is fleet management?

A fleet is a group of vehicles or ships that are controlled by a single discipline. The management oversees the fleet of trucks, aircraft, or ships that perform logistics services. Fleet vehicles are used for delivery services. It is an essential player in the logistics industry. A fleet manager oversees business efficiency and performance. A fleet truck operates as a unit. Logistics companies rely on fleet management to increase the productivity of work and outcomes. It is used in the private and public sectors. A centralized software platform manages the fleet system.

Fleet Management in Logistics

Fleet management in logistics improves working standards and sustainable development through a monitoring system. The centralized software tracks fleet routing and performance throughout. It includes;

  • Fleet tracking
  • Predictive estimated time of arrival (ETA)
  • Carrier Integration
Fleet of truck

Transportation Management System (TMS)

The Transportation Management System is a digital tool that manages the transport system and truck fleet. A company can organize planning and forecasting through this software. It can manage and optimize routes and carriers to perform shipment assignments. It enables automation in the system for loading, booking, and tendering. It also helps to manage payments and bill procedures. You can get an updated and real-time report on shipments through TMS. A transportation management system manages the following tasks during a load’s entire phases: 

  • Load planning, which includes transport management, multimodal conversions, and route optimization
  • Implementation of loads (scheduling, procurement) 
  • Monitoring their position reports 
  • Payment (accounting, auditing, invoicing) 
  • Analytics and KPI tracking reports 

Tachyon fleet management 

Tachyon controls fleet management with its digital TMS. We have a wide range of trucks in our fleet for the transportation of goods. We provide a list of the best transportation trucks to choose from. You can select through easy dashboard access and monitor the route and performance of your shipment. Our best fleet includes:

  • Dyana and Lorry open the box from 4 to 20 tons.
  • Low-bed trucks
  • Closed box dry/reefer 40 ft
  • German side wall, 40 ft
  • Curtain side: 40 ft

Why is TMS essential to have?

The trucking sector, which transports goods throughout the region to fulfill consumer demands, is the foundation of the logistics sector. Recent technological advances are also bringing about significant business changes, upgrading everything from management to transportation. Logistics and transport are two of the least tech-savvy industries. Thus, they need to be more active in adopting the latest innovations. However, employing contemporary technologies ought to advance this necessary sector. Technology has changed logistics most significantly in the trucking business. The industry is beginning to recognize potential cost savings from technology. 

Even technologies like self-driving fleets and digital trade are becoming more and more popular. Developing workforce concerns and sustainability issues are pushing the worldwide trucking sector toward greater adoption of emerging technologies. Transport operators are implementing data-driven automation and logistics in place of antiquated infrastructure. Because of their revolutionary advantages, trucks will remain the main means of product transportation for the foreseeable future, despite present problems with legislation and technological advancement.

Key Functions of Tachyon TMS

The Tachyon transportation management software has an extremely advanced algorithm. This program makes transportation procedures incredibly easy and seamless.

Planning for Loads 

Transporters may easily choose carriers, arrange routes, and locate pricing while using a TMS. This not only saves time at the beginning of the delivery procedure but also time and money, as the TMS optimizes each cargo using advanced algorithms. 


Businesses may quickly and conveniently pay carriers using a TMS to audit each invoice automatically. A TMS allows transporters and shippers to view cargo audits, invoices, payments, and cost metrics, simplifying and expediting the payment transaction. 

Routing Optimization 

Another factor in logistics to take into account is route optimization. The company’s transportation activities cost a lot of money. But why not if there’s a productive method to make them economical? Tachyon provides resources and route optimization. As a result of this service, the operation may become more reasonable. Tachyon helps drivers determine the optimal path. 

Reports with Practical Implications 

A TMS provides extensive information on shippers’ connections and infrastructure and data about performance that aids in future planning. After monitoring and analyzing the copious amounts of data provided by TMS reporting, carriers can create plans for ongoing enhancements that will reduce expenses, increase customer service, and assess overall cost savings. 

Real-Time Tracking

The Tachyon transportation management system tracks it in real time. Users can monitor every step of the supply chain process, guaranteeing that the owners transport the goods on schedule. The GPS helps the proprietors monitor every aspect of the business, including shipments, durations, etc. Additionally, it helps the owners make defensible choices in uncertain circumstances.

The execution of the loading 

Applying the transporter’s routing guide, a TMS electronically tenders loads to the right carrier at the specified rate, automating the cargo tendering process. A TMS accelerates freight booking and tendering by filtering across a large quantity of data, saving shippers time and effort when comparing carrier capacity, price approval, and efficiency before sending carriers. 

Tracking of goods 

A TMS gathers and combines extensive tracking data to monitor a shipment’s journey from the warehouse to its destinations. In addition to getting real-time cargo statistics, shippers may keep an eye on and evaluate operator quality. The transportation management software provides transparency in operations in real-time. 

Scheduling and executing mobility

The transportation management system process has two steps: planning and execution. The planning phase is the first step. Its four components are order management, tendering, rate management of shipments, and load planning. You can control all these steps perfectly through our TMS.

Reducing Costs with Skillful Management 

The company itself needs a large sum of money. But if the owners don’t monitor the total cost of the supply chain, their wallets get heavier. Transportation management software reduces expenses through efficient administration. Compared to standard transportation software, Tychon transportation software is built differently. It examines the routes that have the potential to reduce transportation costs.

Final Words

To manage fleet systems with perfection and professionalism is mandatory in logistics operations. Getting TMS services for better fleet management is very beneficial and advantageous. Get connected with Tachyon TMS to get involved in modern technology-based transportation and logistics services in Saudi Arabia. Access the latest features to improve the quality and standards of your fleet. Contact us for the best fleet management services with various trucking models and features.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are some services of TMS?

    TMS services consist of: 

    • Committed assistance staff that creates, tracks, and reports KPIs 
    • Management of RFPs 
    • Implementations of ongoing enhancements 
    • optimization of networks 
    • Approaches for cost reduction and prediction 

    How can you be a strategic shipper?

    Boosting business revenue with a technology-based transportation management system can help you implement a strong supply chain management system accurately and efficiently.

    What is the right TMS channel to choose in Saudi Arabia for better logistics services?

    Tachyon is the #1 digital logistics platform in Saudi Arabia that offers the best transportation management system to manage your logistics needs. Tachyon TMS is a great endeavor to promote digital logistics infrastructure in Saudi Arabia.

    How can you track freight management through a TMS?

    You can monitor freight with a reliable TMS. A TMS tracks a shipment’s movement from the warehouse to the final destination, compiling and unifying comprehensive tracking data.

    Shippers can monitor and assess carrier performance and receive real-time freight reports. 

    What are some technological advantages for shippers with Tachyon TMS?

    • Transparent, upfront pricing regime 
    • Assisted order placement and quotation management 
    • Real-time order status and instant updates
    • Customized routing: multiple pick-ups and drops