Dispatching is part of logistics operations, so it must be done effectively without delays. Technology-driven efforts can make dispatch operations faster and more accurate. Every shipper wants cost-effective and less time-consuming methods to increase profitability. This is only possible through advanced tools and software that are used in logistics operations. The Transport Management System is a digital solution that manages dispatch operations perfectly. Tachyon TMS helps shippers with different logistics activities in Saudi Arabia. It is the best option to choose. TMS integration makes it possible. In this article, we will explore and explain why TMS features and technology are the best solution to reserve for faster dispatch operations.

Tachyon TMS

A Transportation Management System is computerized software that controls logistics operations automatically through its features and technology. It provides real-time visibility, execution, and optimization of supply chain management systems with powerful software solutions. It has improved tools like GPS fleet tracking, electronic logging devices, and dispatching services. Truck operators use TMS for dispatching with the best integration. It is an important part of the transportation company.

A TMS benefits businesses by increasing the effectiveness of their shipping procedures. Its monitoring and analysis features enable companies to improve customer service, giving everyone involved in the supply chain one interface on which to interact. In the end, businesses at different logistical junctions may find it to be a helpful tool. Understanding the TMS ecosystem and considering how your own IT can combine with those of clients who depend on a TMS for everyday operations can be beneficial, especially when it comes to last-mile delivery.

How does it work?

A truck dispatcher connects drivers with loads to carry. It helps with documentation, payment collection, or related matters. The process becomes easier with it. The system automatically determines the best routes and the best trucks to minimize downtime. It provides facilities for everything related to dispatching.

How does TMS speed up dispatching?

It determines the best vehicle

You need commercial vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, and trailers for logistics operations. There are flatbed tankers and reefers for different uses. TMS automatically determines and chooses the best suitable truck according to the load and commodities. It detects the specific requirements of the load and suggests the appropriate commercial vehicle type and model for it. This software will help you find the best mode of transportation. 

Manages dispatching schedules

Transport Management System is excellent software for managing dispatch schedules and planning. It aligns the best suitable truck drivers for load carrying. The GPS tracking device’s functionality monitors fleet performance and routing. The information gets you updated on logistics operations automatically through its features and technology. It helps to create dispatch schedules and plans. The traceability feature of this system is really helpful.

Find the Best Rates

Carrying loads and delivering them to the destination is a costly process. Every transport company wants the least and minimum expenditures to complete the tasks. TMS helps you find the best transport rates. Key performance indicators KPIs calculate the cost per mile and detect the cheapest shipping rates to save costs. Its data-driven technologies identify the best rate as per the load. It also helps to identify areas that cause less fuel consumption and more truck utilization. You can control your expenses and find better rates for future needs. Moreover, it also reduces overall logistics costs. 

Integration Advantages

The integration handles different dispatch-related tasks. Invoicing matters and payment scheduling also become easier. You can monitor the route and performance of your shipment with its modern features and can do focused planning and strategies for better quality work. Data analytics has brought about benefits and advantages for logistics. You can monitor the efficiency of the vehicles and optimize it with customized solutions and predictable measures to increase profitability. You can also simplify communication for improved collaboration with its digital features and services.  

What advantages does a TMS offer? 

For organizations, the right TMS offers a number of advantages. The automation reduced human interventions and back office labor costs. Real-time optimization also lowers maintenance and repair costs. The central ones are listed below:

  • Streamlining procurement procedures across options, carriers, and regions. 
  • Lower expenses for the company and its final clients 
  • Automation of corporate processes to provide faster, more accurate invoicing and paperwork 
  • Increased visibility and security of the cargo, particularly while it is in transit 
  • The ability to use a single platform to track freight both locally and internationally
  • Time saved by automating processes and getting rid of manual labor 
  • improved reporting, leading to a broader business understanding
  • Reduced fines and shipment delays as a result of improved adherence to import and export laws
  • Simpler business operations and scalability 
  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction and better customer service

Tachyon TMS Helps Transporters

Our TMS can assist you with freight invoicing, driver communities, rating, and electronic data interface, enhancing the dispatch operations flow. It is powerful, integrated, and strong. Our clients include:

  • Heavy-duty truck operators.
  • Truckload-for-hire carriers.
  • LTL carriers.
  • Private carrier brokers.
  • 3PLs.
  • Auto transport haulers. 

Our solution offers the most comprehensive solutions for truckload carriers, LTL, private fleets, and truck broker software. Because of the modular nature of our trucking software solution, you may begin by focusing just on resolving the most critical problems for your private fleet, truck brokerage business, truckload operator activity, or third-party logistics provider. It strongly fosters an atmosphere in which profit is guaranteed and efficiency is the standard. 

Our Transportation Solutions offers truck vendor and transportation software tailored to your organization’s needs, whether you are a commercial fleet, agent, truckload, or LTL for-hire carrier. This user-friendly yet effective transportation management system only needs a minimal amount of setup and an Internet connection; there is no costly hardware or software to buy or update. We offer a solution that fits your particular requirements. This software lets you expand and connect every facet of your business as your requirements change, from transportation to bookkeeping and from security to auto-upkeep! We are always refining our offerings. With the most recent additions of computing, rendition billing, and commercial street-level routing, there are more comprehensive TMS or trucking software solutions on the market.


Tachyon TMS is advanced software with modern features and technology that provides the best solutions for all your dispatching needs. It helps you have all the shipment information and routing maps through data-driven technologies. It can boost your business’s revenue through digital logistics services. It is a fast medium to customize your shipment process. You should choose this software for its better functionality and positive outcome. Trust our logistics services, which make you a perfect player in the competitive logistics landscape in Saudi Arabia. Contact us to learn more about our services. Visit our website to see the detailed features of Tachyon TMS.

Frequently asked questions

Who can use transport management software?

Transport management software can benefit shippers, receivers, and other logistics parties by improving performance and standards. Manufacturers and retailers can also use it for their services and management. 

What is the best trucking dispatch software for logistics companies in Saudi Arabia?

Tachyon TMS is the best trucking dispatch software for improving the quality of work and safety standards in the transportation of goods. It can be considered the best dispatch software for trucking in 2024 in Saudi Arabia.

What is the difference between TMS and WMS?

TMS is transport management software or a system simplifying shipping operations. WMS is a warehouse management system that simplifies warehouse functions and inventory management in shipping and receiving. Connecting a TMS to a WMS can give you a customized solution.

What is the function of KPIs?

KPIs track transportation time, delivery time, transport rates, load trucking capacity, and freight forwarding costs.