Saudi Arabia has a strong logistics industry. It has a stronger infrastructure and a solid transportation system. The trucking industry in Saudi Arabia is also very competitive. The demand for high-performance trucks and heavy-duty vehicles is growing fast because the country is involved in different infrastructures. Developments and construction projects are in action at the very moment. The logistics industry also needs the best-performing and most modern trucks to transport materials and commodities. There is a high demand for commercial vehicles in the market. The need for electrical trucks and high-power engine trucks is increasing in Saudi Arabia.

The most powerful engine trucks are used to transport goods across the regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You find modern featured trucks, electrical electric trucks, and different kinds of heavy-duty trucks on the roads that are used in the logistics industry. You can find trucks of all sizes and models for different business needs. There are versatile models with medium- to heavy-power engines of trucks on the market.

Key players in the trucking industry in Saudi Arabia

There are different key players in the trucking industry in Saudi Arabia. The industry experiences different aspects of automatic transmission and even automated transport systems. It is very demanding and required to choose the right vehicle with the right technology that meets specific safety standards and environmental standards to persist in the functional performance organization that needs it. The Volvo Group and Eicher Motors are the most reliable suppliers of trucks and commercial vehicles. They are providing the best solutions for logistics businesses to modernize and automate the processing of business tasks. They are providing the best freight trucks.

Commercial Truck Market in Saudi Arabia 

Commercial trucks are used in different industries and businesses for transportation. These commercial vehicles have special features and configurations to perform logistics services and infrastructure development work. The market for commercial vehicles is projected to grow due to increased demand. Electrical and autonomous trucks are dominating the latest and upcoming trends in transportation.

What are heavy-duty trucks?

Heavy-duty trucks serve as the foundation for ongoing industrial operations and are employed in large load-carrying equipment. Trucks are required for the transportation of supplies both domestically and abroad during trading.

5.3T payload trucks 

The 5.3T payload truck is amazing in terms of powerful performance and fuel mileage. This model has enhanced performance features and safety standards. These trucks are very demanding and perform well on Saudi roads.

Volvo trucks

Volvo trucks in the FH series are the best trailer trucks for carrying and transporting heavy loads. These models are durable and powerful, with the best technological features. The Volvo FH 16 is one of the best trucks introduced by the Volvo Group. This model performs heavy duty with comfortable seating and efficient service. These trucks offer medium- to heavy-duty transport solutions. It provides competitive and comfortable agility. It is considered to be the best choice among truck drivers. It can handle challenging situations with excellent visibility. 

MAN trucks and Mercedes-Benz trucks

MAN Trucks and Mercedes-Benz have special significance in the trucking industry. These trucks provide the best transport services with ultramodern features and construction designs. They are considered to be the best for supply chain management. They have different models and power engines to perform. The specifications of each truck model vary from the other models. 

Other Popular Trucks

Renault trucks are widely used on construction sites and for concrete mixers with great volume. They have various features and configurations. You can choose any truck model as per the requirements and specifications. Scania trucks are ideal for long-route deliveries and transport needs in the construction field. These trucks are cost-efficient and have strong power. Scania Trucks is a significant player in the freight truck sector, focusing primarily on the needs of trucks to carry products. Tata Motors 7-ton cargo trucks are feasible for cargo operations with fuel efficiency features. 

Truck types used in logistics

Trucks are very important for performing logistics services. They are used in the transportation of goods, and the supply chain cannot be managed without trucks. Different types of trucks are used in logistics operations. Some of the most popular trucks include:

Flatbed Trucks 

Flatbed trucks have an open platform for shipping large packages and oversized goods. They are used in cargo freight for heavy machinery and construction materials. These trucks are widely required in manufacturing, construction, transportation, mining, and agriculture.

Tanker Trucks 

Tanker trucks are used to deliver large amounts of liquids or gases. The chemical and petroleum industries use tanker trucks. They also carry sensitive chemicals and hazardous elements for industrial use.

Concrete Trucks 

These trucks are used at construction sites to supply concrete batching plants or mixing sites. It has a rotating drum attached to a hydraulic system that performs concrete work in buildings and sites. 

Tipper Trucks 

They are used in cargo services. They have a hydraulic system and an open-topped top with tailgates to control the flow of materials.

Trailer trucks 

A trailer truck is an 18-wheeler semi truck or tractor-trailer. It is used in freight forwarding and cargo services. They include dry vans, flatbeds, tankers, or special trucks for specific item delivery. 

Box Trucks 

Box trucks have a large cabin or more cabins for cargo operations. They are used to transport general items like appliances, furniture, and packages. Loading and uploading are very easy on these trucks.

Pickup Trucks 

Pickup trucks perform light-duty carrying services for supplies. They tow trailers with large capacities. They are found in different engine types and configurations.

Jumbo trailer trucks

Jumbo trailer trucks, also referred to as road trains, are heavy-duty vehicles. A tractor unit on these trucks is capable of towing several trailers. More freight may be transported on each trip because the trucks are larger and heavier than normal trucks. Usually, these vehicles have two or three storage layers; the top level has an extra 2.5 meters of room, while the bottom level is roughly 1.5 meters high. Making the most of the vertical capacity of trucks, jumbo trailer trucks can carry more cargo on each trip thanks to an interior ramp or stairway leading to the vehicles’ top levels.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Truck for Your Logistics Needs

When you choose a truck for performance in logistics operations, check the weight and dimensions of the payload. Evaluate its engine power to cover rough and tough routes and distant destinations. Check its fuel consumption efficiency, maintenance costs, and repair costs. Safety standards and driving comfort must be noticed. Also, the regulations, the cost to purchase, and the model competency should be evaluated. Then, the technology, data-driven system, and ecological design will be assessed. Check out its modern features and digital system. These considerations will help you choose the most suitable truck for your business needs. 

Bottom Line

If you need digital logistics services to hire trucks or loaders conveniently, visit our website to get Tachyon digital logistics services for transporters in Saudi Arabia. Tachyon Transportation Management System (TMS) software is one example of the latest technology that may be used to optimize operations and further manage your trucking business. With tools that cover dispatching, load planning, billing, and more, you can develop your trucking business while increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common freight hauled by trucks?

Food, construction materials, commodities, and chemicals are the most common items of freight hauled by trucks in Saudi Arabia. 

Can I use different trucks in logistics operations?

Yes, you can use different truck models to haul goods as per transport capacity. 

What is the value of the trucking industry in logistics?

The trucking industry is the backbone of logistics. 

Which trucks are used in logistics operations?

Freight trucks, or commercial trucks, are heavy-duty vehicles. Flatbed trucks, box trucks, and dry van freight trucks are commonly used in logistics operations.

What is an example of technology use on the Tachyon digital platform?

Tachyon Transportation Management System (TMS) software is one example of the latest technology that may be used to optimize operations and further manage your trucking business.