Riyadh based Tachyon is a cloud-based logistics platform that gives users the ability to manage their internal or external transport and logistics operations. Users can take advantage of their entire digital solution to improve their services, save costs, and save time. Since its launch, Tachyon has seen a tremendous growth in revenue, which is in line with the growing start-up ecosystem in the region.

Tachyon is the first logistics platform that is integrated with the Bayan platform of the Saudi Public Transport Authority (PTA). Now in its 7th month of operation, Tachyon has recorded revenue growth of more than 50% month on month.

Speaking to the media, the CEO and cofounder of Tachyon, Mr. Abdulrahman Ijaabo, said, “We have spent a year and a half building the technology and piloting it with different business partners. This enabled us to reach product-market fit early on, hence witnessing healthy growth month on month. “
“Transport activities in the region are still heavily paper based and rely on multiple manual entry points. We believe that opportunities to digitize & eliminate waste is massive. Our journey is just getting started and we feel very optimistic about the future, ” he further added

The constant rise in the revenue of Tachyon is a result of its prioritization of ease of use, security, and affordability, giving actual value back to its stakeholders.

“The fact that we experienced this type of increase in our revenue within the first seven months of operation is based on critical factors; Convenience, security, integration, traceability, and price competitiveness. those are our Unique selling proposition (USP) which we have been catering to a wide section of users. These USPs that set us apart from our competitors. ” Abdulrahman Ijaabo added

Customers can gain from a one-stop-shop solution enabled by technology, whether they are shippers, carriers, or brokers. They benefit from process improvement and significantly cut down on time and operating costs.

The company is targeting the MENA region and will soon begin operations in other GCC countries. Their initiatives are in line with Saudi Vision 2030.

The main goal of Tachyon is to provide customers with premium services and bring positive changes to the logistics industry. They also want to become the preferred choice for customers for their logistics needs.

Beside its cloud base, Tachyon also has a mobile application, ensuring that customers can track their orders better.