Anybody who purchases online frequently understands how extremely happy it makes them to receive a notice saying, “The order is out for delivery.” Most of the time, though, more information is needed to let us know the exact location of the delivery. This is the situation where real-time visibility in logistics becomes essential. Companies today have learned how important it is to fulfill the requirements of the modern client, who demands up-to-date details on the actual position of the shipment.Companies have gone from informing customers via just one message that their item is on its way to providing immediate updates on shipment! It used to be hard to always track everything down to its precise location. Using traditional processes and constant interaction between stakeholders costs money and takes time. The scenario has shifted entirely due to the digital transformation of logistics procedures. We now have technologies that give businesses access to real-time delivery visibility because of the quick evolution of software and technology. 

What is the real-time visibility?

Real-time visibility is the live status of the information that provides you with all the details needed to monitor the transportation of goods. You can monitor the real-time route of the supply chain. You can detect the status of the shipment and track the live location and any other conditions that may relate to the delivery of the goods to the destination. The benefit of real-time visibility in the supply chain is that it enables you to detect the problem or issue at the very moment and, if there is any, solve it promptly. You can find the best solutions according to the situation.

What is real-time transportation visibility in the supply chain?

Real-time visibility in the supply chain accurately tracks where the shipment is. It finds out what the exact location and status of the delivery are. It can also find out if there is any delay or traffic on the way that your shipment may face.Real-time transportation visibility in the supply chain is necessary for every logistics task. You can track logistical activities and trace the route through the moment of goods. You can monitor everything from the supplier, manufacturer, warehouse, or production unit to the destination.GPS tracking systems and advanced software are used in real-time tracking for the supply chain. It is used to monitor and schedule all shipment operations. The shipper can get real-time data and information on his shipment very quickly. It includes shipping details, order receipts and invoices, information on raw materials, etc. You can get regulatory information or issues and address them quickly and accurately. Digital features make supply chain management real and visible. Any logistics platform increases customer satisfaction through technological support and services. It really improves transparency and enhances productivity. It also saves extra costs while managing worth and value in the local market. That is why logistics companies employ real-time visibility in supply chain management to satisfy their clients.

How does Tachyon provide real-time tracking in the supply chain?

Tachyon is the best logistics company in Saudi Arabia. It offers its logistic services with the best features and solutions. It has developed a digital platform that enables users to track their shipments. This platform has organized these supply chain management systems using modern technology. Users can achieve real-time tracking by using our technology and our platform in an easier way. We will tell you how we enhance visibility and provide our clients with real-time monitoring.Tachyon has been developed to offer an intuitive user interface and let consumers track the whole lifespan of their deliveries from one location. Tachyon’s platform is quite simple to use; here’s how it operates: The shipping person can use the platform to book a trip directly after registering. After evaluating the freight specifications, our machine learning algorithms choose which transporter is best suited for the request. After that, a specific vehicle will be allocated to the consignment, and the shipper is regularly informed of its progress. All required paperwork is prepared digitally after loading the shipment into the truck. Transporters receive real-time payment, receipts, and evidence of arrival. There is complete transparency throughout the shipment lifecycle.

Telematics Systems: 

We use this system to integrate GPS technology with on-board investigations to collect data on the shipment. You cannot only locate the location but also track the shipment and monitor related factors like the speed of the vehicle and if there is any issue or delay on the way. 

IoT Sensors: 

The sensors monitor different environmental conditions like humidity, temperature, and any light exposure, vibration, etc. Sensitive items or perishable items need more attention and a specific temperature for a secure delivery. You can easily monitor all these things for your specific and sensitive shipment.

Cloud-Based Platforms: 

We work with the help of modern features. We are a cloud-based platform, and all the data is collected from GPS trackers. All the tools work with full potential to identify patterns and optimize roots. They also protect the delivery time, alert for any potential delay or problem, find a battery solution, and provide every relevant detail.

GPS Tracking:

We use GPS technology for real-time tracking in the supply chain. It provides real-time data and information on every shipment, whether it is a truck, a simple package, or a container. GPS technology tracks the equipment, route, and delivery status. This technology provides real-time communication, location, and coordinates through satellite signals and real-time location updates to users.

Better supply chain visibility 

You can now quickly access data that used to take days to acquire, resulting from the shift to digital technology. This can save you money and time when evaluating the efficiency of your supply chain in real-time. Additionally, digitizing data reduces many inaccuracies and discrepancies arising from manual data collection and organization. Digitization boosts trust in the insights your data can provide while simplifying data collection. Because of these two benefits, digitizing the logistics processes will certainly produce a supply chain that is much more transparent and makes it easier to search for valuable data.

Tachyon Platform Services

  • We offer advanced technological solutions.
  • Tachyon maintains control of carrier procurement and pre-approval. ​
  • We provide real-time tracking in the supply chain through our digital platform.
  • Fixed-price agreements with just one contract, one invoice, and one SLA
  • Insurance coverage is included in the package. 
  • Cloud-based platform (no installation required)

Bottom Line

The only way to help management keep up with all the changes that take place across the supply chain is to have real-time visibility. Thanks to its assistance, it can keep an eye on drivers’ detours and help them learn about the best approaches and traffic trends. Limited accessibility can cause disparities, raise the risk, and cause damage to products while they are being transported. In the end, there is a reduction in output and high costs that could be avoided.Tachyon manages the supply chain using the best strategies and technologies. It has revolutionized real-time supply chain tracking for users and shippers. Technology is also transforming the logistics industry in Saudi Arabia. Trust in our services if you want a secure and convenient source to fulfill your supply chain tracking visibility. We are a reliable option. We have developed a recognized name in the logistics industry in Saudi Arabia. So why wait? Register with us and start your supply chain operation with complete and easy access at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of real-time visibility in the supply chain?

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Pleasant customer experiences
  • Reduced risks
  • Better regulatory compliance

What is real-time visibility in logistics?

Real-time visibility tracks and traces shipment, exact location, and the supply chain status live and in real-time. You can detect the status of the shipment and track the live location. 

What is real-time tracking in logistics?

The tracking method of using GPS and logistics databases to locate the current location of a shipment is known as real-time tracking.