Managing any sort of operations can be difficult especially when there is limited scope of technology. There is a limited scope of technological advancements in some parts of the world and there is a hectic job to normalize hassle-free operations. Different companies are developing this trend of utilizing technology to the maximum extent before their competitors do. The Middle East is rich in diversity but also lacks technological awareness to combat real-world problems. Goods management depends on logistics management and different companies are emerging from scratch with different expertise. But one stands out by using the technological resources to the best advantage that goes by the name of Tachyon

Saudi Arabia and its Benefits from Digital Logistics

Saudi Arabia has long been investing in digital logistics that help to cater to the needs of transporters and shippers alike. It is not wrong to say that the Middle East has been the last one to adapt to technological advancements. And that Saudi Arabia has been at the center of the recent jump toward technology. Advancing technologies in different aspects of daily operations has led to fruitful results to emerge. 

In the world of logistics, everything was physical from order placement to tracking the order and finding out the delivered condition of the final goods. Presently, the shift to digital logistics has eased the burden in different areas of logistics operations. For example, there is a digital platform for every operation such as searching for transporters, checking and finalizing prices for the cycle, and tracking the entire activity of operation. These and many other operations have been digitized thus reducing the effort of concerned parties involved in physically managing their work.

This enhanced logistic management has made Saudi Arabia relevant in the news. Now people can finally believe that Saudi Arabia is moving towards the right level of digitalization. Additionally, this will improve the logistic world and pave the way for people to adopt technology in other aspects of management. 

Tachyon’s Operation Model

Tachyon is a cloud-based logistic operations management firm that has revived the logistics management world. Digitally centralized, Tachyon deals in logistics management to efficiently reduce the hassle involved in logistics operations. Their operation cycle is simple, effective, and easy to understand. Every user must register on the platform to avail the benefits and utilize the platform to the full. Thus, after registration, the user is free to book a trip directly from the platform. 

A great aspect of Tachyon is its machine-learned-driven algorithm that links to the right option with perfection. For example, you being a shipper need to deliver a parcel or a package of a specific weight over a certain distance. In physical management, you will have to make calls and discuss with each carrier or transporter regarding distance, feasibility, safety, security, and time frame of parcel delivery. In the world of designed and dedicated algorithms, the algorithms align your query to the perfect carrier with perfection. Tachyon’s perfect algorithms do this perfect activity of associating your query to the right transport as you decide on the order. What great work this algorithm does is that it calculates your freight scale in-depth and locates the perfect transporting partner for you. After this, your shipment is handed over to the specific trucker and you, being the shipper, enjoy the leisure of receiving in-time updates on schedule and package tracking likewise. 

Another key aspect of a logistic cycle is documentation. What credit we must give to Tachyon is digitizing documentation electronically. It means that the entire cycle from booking your package to assigning and then its delivery with documentation is digitalized. Tachyon provides electronic documentation with invoices, proof of delivery, and payments all in real time. This level of transparency is the policy of the company and something that assures everyone to deal with simplicity. 

Tachyon Helping Transporters and Shippers

The beauty of any business model that links both the transporters and shippers is that it helps out the entire target market. For example, if you value your shippers alone, your transporters will lose their trust in you and vice versa. This will lead to disruption of an efficient and effective operation cycle. Tachyon is early to address the pain-points of both transporters and shippers with adequate solutions for them that are both feasible and practical.

Shippers Pain-Points and Solutions

Shippers are equally important as transporters and in some cases, their importance is highly regarded since they often are the primary customers. Hence, businesses tend to provide more feasibility and options to their customers.

  • Being a shipper, one needs to be assured and relieved about the truck their shipment will go through. Tachyon offers a wide list of trucks so you get the right fit for your dedicated package.
  • Shippers often question that there is no control over pricing due to multiple reasons. Here, they get to find upfront and transparent prices in range so you get to select as per your budget. 
  • Manual booking is a thing of the past and many companies still follow the same. In contrast, Tachyon offers assisted order placement and quotation management so you get to put in minimal effort. 
  • Checking on the delivery status is also a task for which a shipper can rely on on-time and current status through the digital app on their smartphones whenever they like.
  • In old-fashioned logistics companies, a shipper has no or limited access to shipping routes. Here, they can customize the shipping routes and get multiple picks and drops thus easing their operations. 

Transporters Pain-Points and Solutions

Tachyon is dedicated to providing adequate solutions for transporters. This comes with their technique of signifying what troubles the transporters the most and then providing the best possible solutions to tackle these. 

  • Reaching the customer is always difficult for a transporter on a regular platform. In a digital platform like this, there is an option for them to access loads for different shippers.
  • Returns of Investment are always troubling for transporters but here they find multiple and full usage of their trucks. 
  • Volatile revenue is not suitable for most transporters. Hence, Tachyon provides them with predictable and measurable performance for good planning. 
  • A user-friendly digital interface allows for an enhanced and seamless experience when exploring options. This gives transporters an edge in comparison to other platforms.
  • Invoicing and payment collected is a tedious task in essence to maintain the record. Thanks to their digital platform, transporters can have a payment history at their fingertips. 

Benefits of Using Digital Logistics in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is revamping its entire country on the basis of technology and investment. Businesses are being given confidence in revamping their old-fashioned business style to a simple and digital outlook. Many companies follow suit of other counterparts in this regard whereas some tend to remain on traditional setups. Now is the best time to revamp your business in Saudi Arabia so that there is room for people to catch up on your idea and get good support. Here are some benefits that you can gain by digitizing your business in Saudi Arabia.

Better Monitoring and Controlling

Saudi Arabia is based on traditions. Traditional logistics operations involve physically determining shipment delivery status. When using a digital system and platform, you have better monitoring and control of your work. For example, being a shipper, you can easily monitor where your package is on the route to be delivered. Similarly, you can control different aspects of your package such as customized routes and pick and drop locations. 

Difficulties Being Solved Regularly 

Digital platforms are based on machine learning algorithms. These algorithms are designed to combat and tackle real-world problems and deal with them swiftly. A digital system easily corrects bugs and errors through effective troubleshooting so your operations remain on track. Traditional logistics can solve problems but their abilities are limited in dealing with real-world problems in real-time. 

Reduced Human Effort and Input

Digital systems do not require ample human effort and input when dealing with them. In most cases, there is a minimal effort of some selection of points and you are good to go. For example, Tachyon requires you to initiate your shipment request. It then uses dedicatedly designed algorithms to analyze your shipment and automatically allocates it to the most suitable transport and after your approval, it hands it over to the trucker. All of this happens digitally.

Improvements Happen On The Go!

The beauty of a digital platform is that it adapts over time. For example, whenever there is a need for any kind of improvement or upgrade, the system automatically conducts the improvements and enhances the experience. This ensures that users always get to use the latest technology, and features, and a flawless experience through the removal of all errors. 


Tachyon is a prominent name in the Saudi Arabian logistics markets. With digital systems, it stands tall among its counterparts since the country is moving rapidly towards technological advancements and there is wide room for acceptance for such businesses. In essence, a good company ensures its digital platform is up to the mark and offers exquisite features to its customers. With the above details, we feel there is nothing left to extend you a note to consider Tachyon when considering any shipping or transporting opportunity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tachyon?

Tachyon is a cloud-based logistics operations management platform that helps shippers and transports interact and make a seamless and flawless shipping operation. Both the shippers and transports can utilize the platform alike for their specific requirements. 

How does Tachyon’s algorithm help?

Tachyon’s algorithm helps shippers and transporters to link up with minimal effort from a human. A person needs to initiate an order and then the machine learning algorithm links to the best trucker and shipper through self-calculations. 

How much investment has Saudi Arabia made in digital logistics?

Saudi Arabia is remodeling itself in the best possible way through digitalization. For this, it has invested around $2.7bn in digital logistics. This shows their commitment to digitalization in different areas of operations. 

What positives does Tachyon offer to shippers?

Tachyon offers the following easiness and positives to shippers:

  • List of transporters and trucks
  • Transparent pricing
  • Assisted order placement
  • Real-time updates and status
  • Customized routing

What positives does Tachyon offer to transporters?

Tachyon offers the following easiness and positives to transporters:

  • Multiple loading access
  • Higher use of trucks
  • Predictable performance
  • User-friendly interface for seamless operation
  • Backed-up proof of work