Tachyon TMS has many advanced features to assist logistics parties. Saudi Arabia is seeing fast corporate growth, and electronic logistics approaches are becoming increasingly important. To increase productivity, people must simplify their corporate activities. Operations in businesses require an electronic invoice mechanism. It is a digital counterpart of the classic paper invoice intended to streamline the invoicing system inside the computerized logistics network.

Digitizing the invoice can help you save time on paper that would otherwise be spent on conventional systems. Transactions are quite few, particularly for digital work. It eliminates human labor by shortening the duration of processing and improving the distribution network. This technology has brought numerous benefits to organizations and the logistics industry in Saudi Arabia. The TMS module’s efficiency and calculation accuracy streamline the transportation-related finance procedure, removing the need for human intervention and re-entry.

What is an electronic invoice?

In the digital logistics sector, an invoice is an electronic record that is exchanged between vendors, purchasers, and trading partners. It assists with the invoicing and payment processes for delivering products and associated services. It is considerably different from conventional printed matter and presentation. E-invoices use a particular electronic format in an established digital file, such as XML or PDF. All relevant data on digital invoices is changed to record transaction and product specifics, as well as merchandise quantity, additional taxes, and details regarding payments. Electronic invoices have become essential in the transport sector since they help streamline the invoice process. It offers a faster and more reliable way of billing by lowering the cost and expenditures associated with manual tasks. It delivers both transparency and accuracy. Inventory management software and financial software help to increase logistical and operational productivity. Let us discuss all the features and benefits of the Tachyon E-invoicing system.

Tachyon TMS E-Invoice

The invoice is quite valuable and useful in the transportation network. We adhere to all regulations established by the Saudi government for logistical company operations. The system implements the electronics financing technique in order to benefit logistics industry suppliers. It guarantees all rights to buyers and sellers while saving them time and effort, making the process faster and easier. It makes it easier by offering easy bills with QR codes on every document record. A computerized invoice is utilized to enable access to all of the contents of a tax invoice. It is an excellent solution that has streamlined the traditional paperwork procedure and simplified the inspection and reporting of cargo issues, invoicing systems, and payment-related billing situations and concerns. As technology advances in many aspects of industry, individuals place more trust in digital processes than conventional methods.

Data and Reports

Once you’ve registered on our digital platform, you will have easy dashboard access to monitor and follow the package status you ordered. The loT devices deliver reports and live data on your assigned tasks. This is analyzed using data analytics and telemetry technologies. Dashboard access enables you to streamline and regulate shipment operations while also providing immediate answers to problems and concerns through improved tracking features.

Billing and Invoicing Module

The software also includes a billing and invoicing module to improve interaction between customers and logistics providers. Our e-invoice technology is incredibly forthright and accurate for all of your invoicing needs. You can utilize a professional billing system and modify the parameters. Our transportation management system ensures a safe and secure invoicing and payment process. You can boost your company’s revenue by streamlining its processes.

Digital Documentation

TMS also assists with all of the documentation required to complete a logistical task. Electronic paperwork is the most effective method for avoiding errors and misunderstandings. You may manage pod-like structures, invoices, and payments using digital documentation. This service saves you a lot of time and professionally manages expenditures and payments.

Live Information

The transportation management software (TMS) provides data and standards for tracing and tracking records. You can access immediate information and a live location. Its live navigation map keeps you informed of all essential details. This interactive map allows for easy real-time tracking and tracing. Tracking is the most effective way to reduce delivery delays.

Electronic Invoice

The e-invoicing system allows you to access information about a bill rapidly. It is not necessary to conduct an online search. It assists in allowing devices to scan and precisely enter invoice data, which can help speed up corporate operations. Invoice management includes the generation and delivery of bills. Invoices must be correct, clear, and formal. Invoices should include all relevant information, such as the specifics of the good or service being given, the amount due, and payment terms. To guarantee quick payment, bills must be sent out as soon as possible when they are produced. Invoice handling also entails tracking payments. This involves tracking when payments have been received, verifying transactions with invoices, and revising client accounts as needed.

Payment monitoring is critical for controlling cash flow and keeping correct financial records. Tax officials can utilize smartphones and tablets to verify that an invoice is legal and contains all of the necessary information, particularly while they have not been in the workplace. When the Invoice Registration Portal returns the e-invoice to the source with a QR code, the source just needs to utilize the QR code to generate a PDF of the verified e-invoice. The logistics sector has recognized the prospective benefits of QR codes. The country is getting closer to invoicing the General Authority for Zakat and Tax. This adjustment will result in a more transparent, honest, and efficient tax system. It is a transition from paper to electronic invoicing. The change will also render VAT easier to understand, allowing for the identification of incorrect activity. The country has launched a smartphone app to validate invoices.

Advantages of Using Invoice Automation Software


Billing automation software significantly reduces the possibility of human error in the process of billing, ensuring invoice accuracy and consistency. Manual payment procedures are susceptible to errors, including inaccurate computations or data entry issues. Invoice handling software streamlines these operations, reducing the likelihood of errors and ensuring accurate invoicing. Organizations can also use cloud-based billing to guarantee that all invoices are formatted and presented consistently, which improves competence and makes them easier for clients to grasp.


One key advantage of invoice software is its improved productivity for a company’s financial processes. By automating the entire billing procedure, these solutions can save companies a lot of time and money. Automation reduces manual data entry and invoice production requirements, which are time-consuming and error-prone. Payment management software can produce invoices automatically. Furthermore, firms can redirect resources to more strategic initiatives by automating mundane processes, increasing productivity and optimization.


Billing applications provide firms with a comprehensive picture of their earnings framework, enabling them to track transactions and handle financial records faster. They enable organizations to maintain records of payments and improve cash flow operations by recognizing delayed or lost transactions. 

Customer Satisfaction

Payment inaccuracies can cause consumer frustration and conflicts. Billing applications can improve customer satisfaction and collaboration between companies by ensuring prompt and accurate invoicing. E-invoicing saves time for all kinds of billing formalities and improves customer satisfaction with the service.


To sum up, we can say that digital solutions and technologies are reshaping logistics operations. The automation of the billing system and e-invoicing have helped logistics companies and logistics parties optimize their operational matters faster and more accurately. Tachyon TMS is the best digital logistics platform in Saudi Arabia, offering the best logistics services for managing invoicing and payment. Get connected with Tachyon TMS to get involved in modern logistics features and technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

State some features of TMS Invoicing.

Operational reliability

Invoice control and verification

Financial and analytical distribution

Monitoring the clauses 

How does the  E-Invoice help the logistics parties?

It takes care of the following aspects:

  • Guarantee of all rights to logistics parties.
  • Save time and effort.
  • Provides simplified tax invoices.
  • Availability of a QR Code on all invoices.
  • The invoice type is the invoice that is issued from one facility to another, containing all the elements of a tax invoice.

What are the advantages of electronic invoicing?

  • Perform challenging compliance duties from the dashboard.
  • Foster collaboration among the corporation and among industry partners.
  • Optimize discounts for early payments and maximize financial resources.
  • Reduce the risk of overspending and fraud.
  • Improve cash flow through prompt payment. 

What is Tachyon e-invoicing?

E-invoicing streamlines payment and invoicing matters. It is electrically powered by Tachyon TMS. It is a digital solution that reduces errors and improves transparency.